The mission of Great Minds is to open minds to seeing the potential and how great we humans are. To enable people to see life's opportunities and have the confidence to seize them.  To see people grow and use new found skills to live their best life and play their best game. These are achieved through great coaching and training.

Great Minds offer Executive Coaching, Personal 1-1 coaching, Training and a vast variety of inspiring Workshops along with the Power Club, where you can get that regular boost of inspiration monthly.

Great Minds supports you to wake up to your potential, gain massive growth and confidence, are you ready for a personal upgrade?

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Great Minds - Executive Coaching in Dunfermline

                    Executive Coaching



For all who want to be the best in their field. Executive coaching and 1-1 support catapults you to new heights of success, whether it’s in business growth initiatives, leadership capabilities, the sporting field, the list is endless golfers, footballers,  athletes, acting….  Executive coaching will enable all to be the best at what they do, it raises self-awareness, teaches self-management techniques, which comes with massive growth. It is achieved in an engaging transformative way with each individual receiving the support they require. As new behaviours and thinking progress essential to the long term growth is the embedding program which follows all executive coaching. 

Great Minds - 1-1 Coaching in Dunfermline

1:1 Personal Coaching

The most powerful thing you can do is take control and book 1-1 Personal Coaching, it is a catalyst to new beginnings. It remove's barriers to your happiness and success, a journey of self-discovery. Confidence and happiness will grow from your first session onwards. 

Great Minds - Power Clubs in Dunfermline

                     Power Club

opens up your mind to new thinking and ideas. It covers life changing topics and allows you to share ideas with others in a relaxed friendly atmosphere to prepare, lift and inspire you for the month ahead. You will love it and make new friends!

Great Minds - Neuro Linguistic Programming Workshops in Dunfermline

NLP Workshops

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Workshops - An inspiring introduction for everyone. 

Great Minds - Journeying Workshops in Dunfermline

                     Journeying Workshops

Development for everyone  - Be inspired and leave walking tall, ready to challenge yourself for more. We never stop having the ability to grow and learn.

Great Minds - Consultancy in Dunfermline


With over 20 years experience as Training and Coaching Manager, developing leaders in business is another one of my passions and I can help businesses like yours.

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