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Pathway to Success - Life Coaching

2019 Pathway to Success; support and success go hand in hand with these individual sessions tailored just for you.

Enjoy the journey, enjoy achieving and getting the support to take you there.

Special Offer Price Cost £200 for 5 sessions, normally £360  

Consists of coaching sessions moving you from where you are to where you want to be this year.

Starting the journey with;
Looking at your strengths & barriers, who you are and where you want to be.

Stop-smoking now.

Stop smoking programme

The programme is over 3x 1hr sessions,
These allow you to go on the journey with great support.

The programme is fully tailored to your needs as we know everyones relationship and challenges with smoking is different.



Coaching packages


Personal Coaching

Achieve more be happier, healthier and grow in confidence as you take control of your life. You will love it! Promise!

Great Minds Personal Coaching can help with:

Weight, Smoking,  Addictions,  Phobias, Fears, Anger and general Mental Health issues. 

Great Minds proven coaching packages supports the journey of change and lifestyle choices over a number of sessions. 

Celebrating the new found freedoms and successes on the way, the changes are amazing, and the change starts on the very first session.


Lifestyle Choices Coaching

Life coaching and relationship coaching

Great Minds proven packages again supports the journeys to change and transformation.

Sometimes we all need to consider where we are at and how we can develop and grow as individuals and as a couple.

Business coaching

Coaching for Small Business

Whether you are a Sole Trader a Partnership or a small business employer this would help you to scope out and consider plan for short and long term growth. Failure to plan can easily lead to failing.


Building your business – coaching plans developed for you to achieve more in your field.